Fashion Trend 9 – Pyjama in the Jungle – TOP 10 summer 2013

Fashion trend 9 - Pyjama in the Jungle I remember watching "Girls Next door" Playboy series a couple of years ago.  The XXI century Casanowa - the owner of Playboy magazine - Hugh Heffner was wearing pyjama all the times at home. It was comfortable, silk and... with little print that I remember from the... Continue Reading →

Fashion Trend 6 – Neon lips – neonowa szminka – TOP ten summer 2013

Fashion Trend 6 - neon lips - with this trend you need to keep all the make-up very simple and clean - the eyes are just with mascara - nothin more. Otherwise we will look like circus performer, which of course sometimes might be our goal from time to time. ;o) Fashion Trend 6 - neonowa... Continue Reading →

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